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Rainbow in Silverdale, WA 04/17/2017 :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 1 0 Selene and Dopplar -- BFF Kitties :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 5 0 Saint Patty's Selfie / Face Reveal :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 1 3 Snowglobe Resource Pack :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 6 0 Enderwolf Snowglobe -- A Gift for EnderWolf137 :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 6 5 Manndakora By Enderwolf137 and Nai-Alei :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 6 1 Anyone Else Having This Issue? :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 1 2 Ugaidi the Cobra :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 4 0 Obsidius, the Charred Ringed Planet :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 4 0
Cougarmint's Lullaby
Cougarmint's Lullaby
You've emerged from subconscious depths
There's something wrong, I feel it.
Your heart has been gravely wounded
Otherwise, you wouldn't have awakened
That trauma you cling so tightly to
It's causing pain, I know it.
Your soul is scarred, worn out, lonely
It's okay, I am here for you now
We all have been through sad memories
It's okay to cry, I do too
Just take my hand that's opened wide
I am here, I will guide your heart to peace
Let the tears rain until they are dry
It's not weakness, it's cleansing
Weeping wounds will heal given time
Embrace me, I will keep you from falling
I am the full moon shining on you
In that hour, your midnight
The warm light of an angel's wings
Carrying you, I will guide you into dawn
                                -- Cougarmint, 2016
:iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 2 0
Faye the Rainbow Dragon -- Adoptable! :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 3 0 !Switch1Alt :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 4 0 Ringed Planet Source Files -- Available at OGA! :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 2 0
The Struggle of PTSD -- A Poem
The Struggle of PTSD
A torment that never ends
A reminder that never bends
Waking in the middle of the night
My heart pounding in fright
The voice in the back of my head
Filling me with helpless dread
No matter how much I move on
Flashbacks play like an endless song
Relentless pricks of the thorns of guilt
Slipping on the numbing ice of shame
Drowning in a bloody sea of anger
Reaching for comfort that isn't there
Despite the torture I move forward
By one step and fall two backward
Picking myself up despite the strain
Only for the cycle to begin again
I cannot give up, I cannot relent
I cannot give in to bitter torment
But as long as memories remain
The cycle continues over again
There is no escape.
                                -- Cougarmint 2016
:iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 2 0
Desolaris, The Ringed Desert Planet :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 4 0 The Death Whip of Darkiplier :iconcougarmint:Cougarmint 23 3


Marmalade Tabby Cat Pelt :iconfossilfeather:FossilFeather 171 290 Sith Warriors :iconneon-streaks:Neon-Streaks 5 7 Meowth knight :iconoo-kir-oo:oO-Kir-Oo 310 19 RWBY: Cat Blake with Fishy :iconsukesha-ray:Sukesha-Ray 396 18 Grinch :iconpoodlespit:PoodleSpit 32 2 Autumn oak :iconphotoshopoholic:Photoshopoholic 10 2 [SFM] Celestia and Twilight :iconmythicspeed:MythicSpeed 46 5 Spock In A Pile Of Tribbles :iconcameronkobe:CameronKobe 2,016 868 Lavendi :iconkhamtee:Khamtee 8 3 EDM Tiger :iconsukesha-ray:Sukesha-Ray 322 42 Dragons :iconfeya12:Feya12 3 5 Young Zog Having Fun :iconinsanity-piano:iNSaNiTY-Piano 8 2 Ocelot - Bic Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 4,861 0 Ginger Cat - Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 2,819 499 Team :iconenderwolf137:EnderWolf137 6 53 Hey there, Mr. Butterfly! :icontophatpyroman:TopHatPyroMan 46 9


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Molly Willits
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
While I mostly write, I am a somewhat decent artist as well. I am a hopelessly creative spirit, preferring Arts over STEM careers. I hope one day I can find a job that will put my talents to good use. However, I do have a day job at the moment as a Caregiver.


Rainbow in Silverdale, WA 04/17/2017
I do not know how I was able to capture this in the quality I did with my Galaxy Note 4, but I did. A beautiful full-arch rainbow over Silverdale, WA. I'd release it as a print if it weren't for the store fronts. But, it's quite beautiful, don't you think?
Selene and Dopplar -- BFF Kitties
Taken with my Galaxy Note 4.

This lovely photo is of my two cats -- Selene (Black Cat) and Dopplar (Orange Tabby). The two are the best of friends.

This photo is not available as a download, nor will it be available for commercial use without permission. However, it will be available as a print for you to enjoy.

Copyright Molly "Cougarmint" Willits, 2017. Please contact me for licensing.
Sorry I've been silent... I've been busy...
Just a little thing I made up. Kinda curious to see how many people actually take this up.

5 Curious Things

Instructions: List 5 curious things that you are comfortable sharing about yourself. Then tag 2-3 others to do the same. Please remind them that tagging is optional.

1.) I'm allergic to alcohol.
2.) I have delayed sleep phase disorder, which is why my bed time is from 2:30am to 10:30am
3.) I'm not the best house keeper on the planet.
4.) I laugh at the stupidest little things.
5.) I love to comfort others and make others laugh.

Tagged: :iconiheartknucklejoe: :iconjctheallstar31: :iconenderwolf137:

Please remember, you don't have to do this if you're tagged! It's purely optional. I'd just like to know something curious about you. :3


Blank Template for Tagged People:

5 Curious Things

Instructions: List 5 curious things that you are comfortable sharing about yourself. Then tag 2-3 others to do the same. Please remind them that tagging is optional.



Please remember, you don't have to do this if you're tagged! It's purely optional. I'd just like to know something curious about you. :3
Following the events of "King Takumi is safe!" from EnderWolf's journal, and honoring a promise I made, I decided to start an RP of my own. I'm kinda excited, because I feel this would be a great way to do some story telling of my own. I've decided to start this out on a comedic note and maybe get into some deeply feeling stuff later on, but I wanted to experiment with an idea that popped into my head while I was sleeping.

Feel free to jump on in, especially for those coming from EnderWolf's journal. Just keep in mind I may not have the time to update it as I'd like to, considering my day job... :\


Update Summary:

Nothing yet.



In a realm that resembled a beautiful forest, a wise, ancient spirit stood, patiently waiting. He had no particular form; to some he looked like a dire bear. To others, he looked like a wolf. And yet others, an eagle. He was a multi-faceted being, capable of appearing to anyone in any animal form that most appealed to them.

This was the Great Totem, the most powerful spirit of the Spiritual Plane.

His head lifted, his eyes locking onto the golden figure that appeared before him. Her radiant glow brought a smile to his face.

"I knew you would pass your most difficult trial, young totem. Congratulations," he said.

The young cougar totem blushed slightly. "Thank you, great spirit. It is an honor to finally serve you."

"Ah, young one, it is not I that you will be serving," the Great Totem spirit replied. "You have a very special task ahead of you. Your selfless actions for an entire kingdom proved to me that you will be perfect for the real challenges that lie ahead."

With that, he nodded, and a pack of Wolf Totems emerged from the shadows of the forest, dragging something that appeared to be very heavy. Cougarmint's eyes widened at the sheer number of carved stone tablets they were bringing before her. At first glance, she knew that there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of petitions and prayers for her to sift through.

"These are petitions and requests from all over the kingdom you gave your life for. Because so many have partitioned for you to be their guardian, and because you gave your life for them all, I will be assigning you to that kingdom as their guardian," The Great Totem said with a slightly mischievous smile. "You will have some help of course, as other guardian spirits from other dimensions are there too, but you will be handling the majority of the load."

"That is one huge workload," Cougarmint said with a gulp.

The Great Totem nodded. "Indeed. The largest I've seen to date. But I have faith you will get it done. Go forth, young Totem, and keep your kingdom at peace."

With that, the Great Totem vanished. The poor cougar totem looked at the huge stack of responsibilities in disbelief before grabbing her first tablet.

She let out a deep breath. "Oh boy. Here we go..."
While taken by one of my flashbacks again, something came to my mind that describes the vicious cycle by anyone who has this. Anyone who has PTSD can relate to the struggle.

It is now available as a deviant. Take a look here: The Struggle of PTSD -- A Poem


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